The King of kings


me: *speaking to my child* you can do any career you want its completely up to you

my child: i wanna be a police officer

me: no bitch pick another one

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“They don’t teach about the Assata Shakurs and Audre Lordes in the American school system. Have you ever asked yourself why?”
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Anonymous said: Black people need to stop breaking into my moms car, my uncles car, my dads car, my friends car, etc.




white people need to stop shooting up schools, theaters, public areas, etc.

White ppl need to stop stealing money from pension funds, cheating ppl out of their retirements, destroying cultures and civilizations, ruining the environment, making ppl pay for clean water cuz they polluted the rest, causing species to go extinct….I can go on

White ppl need to stop having sex with dogs.. & horses.. & hotpockets


clear pee makes me feel safe

like i’m living my life right

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